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    We have been serving you for near 10 years and served over 40 Million visitors, with all troublems including copyright complaints, limitations, domain bans and ...., we were able to keep this site up and running and make our visitors satisfied.

    Today we have decided to retire. But this is not the end for you and we will not let you down, there is a good news for you. We have talked with the owners of our professional friend site WatchSoMuch which is doing same thing as we were doing but in a better way, it has a super fast search and modern and mobile friendly design.

    We have transferred all the data and members to there, please visit and continue using your account in WatchSoMuch with same password and enjoy.

    SevenTorrents will be up for few days but we no longer update this site.
    We promise this event will look like a change of address and layout to you. there is no difference the data will be better and more complete, all data including movies, torrents, activities, comments have been transferred to WSM so you will feel like home.

    SevenTorrents Team

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    The 12th Man 2017 720p BRRip MkvCage MKV
    The 12th Man
    The 12th Man (2017)
    Original title:
    Den 12. mann
    Drama, History, Thriller
    Norway (English, Norwegian, German, Saami)
    They were 12 saboteurs. The Nazis killed 11 of them. This is the true story of the one who got away... more...
    7,325 downloads on 3 torrent(s), 0 comments
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    Imdb Rate
    7.5/10 (2,825 Votes)
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    The 12th Man 2017 720p BRRip MkvCage MKV [2,767 dls since 2 months ago]

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